The Ice Studio Difference

Our 3D ice sculptures are hand-carved, we do not use molds

1 Proprietary freezing process:

Developed by our founder Juan Carlos, our meticulously refined freezing process results in a crystal clarity and hardness that not only looks spectacular in person, but also melts at a much slower rate than conventional ice.

2 Finished sculptures delivered to you:

Unlike other ice sculpture companies, we carve at our studio and then deliver the finished product in a freezer truck to your event. Our expert crew will the setup the sculpture and display. This saves time and eliminates the cleanup required for onsite carving.

3 CNC machine innovators:

Ice sculptures with corporate logos and engraved lettering make perfect centerpieces for company events. Ice Studio was the first company in the United States to import CNC machines to carve graphic designs onto ice. Our expertise and years of experience with this technology allows us to carve any logo or design into ice.


4 Only food safe coloring:

At Ice Studio, we never use toxic dyes to color our ice sculptures. We achieve all the brilliant colors in our ice sculptures using nontoxic, food safe coloring.


5 Crystal clear ice blocks made in-house:

Ice Studio is one of the only companies that makes ice blocks in-house. We start by purifying water through reverse osmosis to remove any solids. Then we expose it to ultraviolet light to kill any bacteria. Our unique manufacturer process uses water pumps to produce the absolute clearest ice. We sell blocks up to 300 lbs.

6 Precision lathe object creation:

Amazing and realistic ice creations begin with precision sculpting. Ice Studio master carvers uses the lathe machine to create perfect objects such as pillars, bottles, bowling pins, and more in ice. These highly detailed elements create memorable sculptures for your important events.